One of the best places to live in Dubai is the Dubai Creek Harbour, and there are many reasons why. In this article, we will explore all the reasons there are to invest in Dubai Creek Harbour. We are also going to explore the many amenities and facilities it has to offer and whether it’s suitable for bringing up a family or not. 

There is no denying that the Dubai Creek Harbour is soon to be the new heart of Dubai city. The area is double the size of Downtown Dubai, and it also has more attractions than any other area in Dubai. Needless to say, life here is going to be luxurious and adventurous. It’s one of the few areas that can enhance the quality of living and give you the branded lifestyle that most seek in Dubai. With high-class restaurants/cafes, business centers as well as many marine facilities, the Dubai Creek Harbour is the ultimate place to live.  

Here is an overview of all the enjoyable activities and stunning views that Dubai Creek Harbour has to offer to all its residents.  

Overview Of Best Properties In Dubai Creek Harbour

The Dubai Creek Harbour is an iconic waterfront development, and all the residentials living in this area can enjoy the luxury of its many stunning views. Sitting on the momentous Dubai Creek banks, this destination promises branded style lifestyle to its residents. Dubai Creek Harbour is the hub of excitement for families with kids, as it’s not of the best places to raise a family.  

With many play areas and kids’ pools, you can make sure that your kids are getting all the right activities this place has to offer. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the many innovative and recreational spaces designed for adults and kids. Moreover, for working parents Dubai Creek Harbour offers day-care centers, walking tracks, gardens as well as supermarkets, and many retail centers. If you are a working professional, Dubai Creek Harbour is an ideal place to live as it’s pretty close to business hubs in Dubai. Apart from that, there is no shortage of entertainment venues in and around Dubai Creek Harbour, so after a long working week, you can enjoy your weekends properly.  

What Makes Emaar Dubai Creek Harbour different from all others? 

Every town and area has its own charm and class, and Emaar Dubai Creek Harbour is no different. This dazzling destination is ahead of even Burj Khalifa as it is about 100 meters taller and is at the moment the tallest man-made building in the world. There are sightseeing decks to give both tourists as well as residents a 360-degree view of the docks below. Wonder where the idea comes from; yes, you guessed it right, the observation from above is the impersonation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon that is also known as one of the seven wonders of the world. However, this isn’t all, and we have more incentives for the potential residents of Dubai Creek Harbour.  

Flamboyant Nature: 

While most of Dubai is professional and business, the Dubai Creek Harbour possesses a Flamboyant personality. The distinctive natural features of Dubai Creek Harbour set its class apart from all the other areas in Dubai. The unique and natural water extension to its being the home to many creatures gives it the perfect natural heaven personality. One that can’t be denied but only appreciated. The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many animals and stands as the perfect attraction for the residents of Dubai Creek Harbour. Apart from the many exotic creatures in the sanctuary, it is also home to mangroves and many aquatic animals. 

Retail facilities – Shop Till You Drop: 

Did you know that at Dubai Creek Harbour, you can enjoy an 820,000 sqm area of retail space that has all kinds of mixed-use development? Soon this area will have more than 800 stores that will include high-end fashion stores as well as many other retail brands, and it’s going to be the retail heaven for all shopaholics. We all know that people come to Dubai from all around the world to shop more than anything, and this makes Dubai Creek Harbour the perfect place to invest in. apart from luxury living, soon this place will become the hub of capital gain.  

Shopping isn’t all you will get here; apart from all the retail experience, you can also enjoy the fruits of life with high-end restaurants and cafes. These fine dining experiences will provide an array of cuisines that will leave you in a food coma for days to come. Dubai Creek Harbour Community gives you urban living with a touch of nature and excellent luxuries.  

Let’s Talk Location  

When buying a property, everything is secondary; location is primary. Dubai Creek Harbour is located 15 minutes away from Dubai Downtown, and this makes it the perfect area to invest. With the center of the city’s activities – Downtown just minutes away, Dubai Creek Harbour is one true gold mine for the residents and investors. Residents can both stay close to the hub of excitement and come home to the peaceful waterfront lifestyle; it’s like having the best of both worlds. It is also linked to Dubai International Airport, Sports City, and Victory Heights; the Dubai Creek Harbour is also connected to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Al Khail Street. All these promising features make Dubai Creek Harbour a very appealing destination for anyone who is looking to invest in the best areas of Dubai.  

Surrounding Areas with Schools And Colleges: 

Although there are no Schools and Colleges in the immediate area, there are many upscale and top-grade choices in the surrounding areas. Primary education schools and nurseries like Super Kids, Blue Bird, Baby First Nursery, and Small Steps are the best choices. Apart from that, for secondary education, you can opt for Heartland School that provides the British Curriculum. 

Bottom Line: 

The Dubai Creek Harbour is the perfect place to invest as it offers freehold apartments, and anyone can own a property here. From luxury flats to Villas, you have a wider choice than anywhere in Dubai. Being a freehold area, Dubai Creek Harbour allows 100% ownership to ex-pats and foreigners.