Why Realtors Need to Learn Effective Video Marketing

Camera Gimbal DSLR Video Production. Pro Video Stabilization. Video Maker Taking Shoots Using Pro Equipment.

Video marketing, in the present time, is slowly making its way to the top. Video marketing is a medium, which uses video to promote and market a company’s brand, products, and services. A lot of digital marketing trends continue to emerge nowadays, and these are usually very helpful in the real estate industry. One example is a meeting about digital marketing for real estate in Miami Beach, where plans of focusing more on marketing real estate, travel, and tourism were laid out. Included in this article are the reasons why realtors need to learn effective video marketing.

Not every video used for marketing is the same. It usually varies in different situations like questions and answers or interview type videos, customer testimonials, property walk-through or tours, explainer videos, and much more. Typically, users watch videos to help them gain better knowledge on a particular topic, brand, product, or service. 98% of users say that they watch explainer videos to learn more on a specific product or service.

With that said, video marketing could increase not only the number of your web visitors but also the number of your potential buyers. Users will most likely search for explainer, walk-through, or interview videos about your real estate properties to gain more knowledge and possibly do business with you.

You Don’t Need to Spend A Lot

Most people think that video marketing is costly. The truth is, it’s not. You don’t need to hire professional videographers and editors to help you produce a video. As a realtor, you know better than the videographers and editors. You know the ins and outs of the real estate property you’re selling, so who can better formulate a promotional video than yourself?

Additionally, you also don’t need a lot of equipment if you want to produce a promotional video. All you will really be needing is a device that can take videos, content, and you’re good to go. Branching out to video marketing doesn’t have to be costly. Your ideas and content are what’s going to make an impact.

Most Users Prefer Video Search

Now is the time to optimize your videos. According to experts, most users prefer going online and using video search to research about a specific community. If you still haven’t branched out to producing videos as a way to market your properties, then you might be missing out on a lot of potential buyers.

Homebuyers like it more when they get to see a glimpse or gain knowledge about the community they would want to live in. Producing videos wherein you tour your viewers and potential buyers around the real estate property and its neighborhood will increase your chances on closing a deal and selling.

Viewers Will Most Likely Remember Videos Rather Than Text

This is another reason why realtors need to learn effective video marketing. Studies show that users who choose to watch videos retain 95% of the message compared to when they read text information. When users watch videos, they get to see how the property, its area, and the surrounding community looks like. On the other hand, when users read text information, they formulate images or ideas in their mind but left with no accuracy of how the property actually looks like.

An average user spends typically more time on a website with videos rather than text. A lot of website information can get wordy, hard, and lazy to read. With that said, users who try to read text information eventually end up watching promotional videos instead. That’s why realtors need to start practicing effective video marketing.

You Get to Tell a Story

As a realtor, it’s also your job to check on your past buyers and make sure they’re living their best life. You could probably feature them in one of your promotional videos wherein they talk about their experiences during the whole process of the transaction, what were the factors they considered upon getting a real estate property, which agent could help them settle with a property, and possibly give a virtual tour around their home.

Users love it when they get to hear real-life testimonials or stories from a previous buyer. This will most likely assure and convince them about investing in a property with you.

Videos Help Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

Most videos are uploaded on YouTube, and Google owns YouTube. This is a good sign that you can always try to increase your search engine ranking if you know how to label and tag your videos properly. Tags and keywords are significant in digital marketing because these help in optimizing your search engine results.

Wrapping Up

Marketing through promotional videos is too great of an opportunity to miss. Studies even show that by 2021, the Internet will be filled with videos, and almost every user will be watching. With that said, video marketing is an important marketing strategy for real estate agents. It helps you point out the ins and outs, features, and the beauty of the real estate properties you have to offer.